Responses to Dear Report Card, You Suck

Since writing a reflection titled “Dear Report Cards, You Suck“, Lynton’s post has been viewed almost a thousand times by educators all around the world. Lynton received encouragement and compliments from as far afield as the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, Sweden, and NZ. These are just some of the messages of support since publishing over the weekend. Every learner has a unique story to tell, and whether it impacts one person or a thousand, writing like this deserves to be shared.

Congratulations, Lynton. You were brave enough to share your struggles and it resonated and impacted a great many people. Well Done.


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I am a HPE trained educator impersonating a year 6/7 classroom teacher. Big fan of technology and STEAM. Trying to create the most engaging classroom possible through student voice.

One thought on “Responses to Dear Report Card, You Suck

  1. I had a similar experience! Persisted with many kinds of employment until I became a teacher! Learned heaps and hope I helped many students after 40+ years. I have an M Ed and I’m still working at 77 facilitating professional development for teachers in the area of understanding atypical leaners and how to differentiate, including differentiated assessments!

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